Blender Rendering From the Command Line


Hey guys, In this tutorial I will be teaching you guys how to render in Blender by using the command line. Why would you render by using the command line? Simple, the render time is a lot less. I recommend that you use the command line for the final render. Here is the render time difference for a scene by using the command line and the gui.

Rendertime Comparison

Samples Resolution Render time
2000 950*272 6:21.32 (Blender GUI)
2000 950*272 6:18.48 (Command Line)

Render an Image:

cd [blender directory]
blender.exe –b [directory of file] –o [output] –f [frame number]

Render a Video:

cd [blender directory]
blender.exe –b [directory of file] –o [output] –s [start frame] –e [end frame] –a

Hope you enjoyed learning how to render with the command line, if you have any questions or feedback please post a comment below :)